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Dalkeith Arts

Events for 2017

Open Exhibition - Autumn 2017

Next Event: Dalkeith Arts Autumn 2017 Open Exhibition
Riccio Gallery (17 South Street, Dalkeith) - Saturday October 14 to Saturday October 28.

  • Hand-in Wednesday October 11, 4pm to 7pm at Riccio Gallery
  • Private preview (for artists & guests) Friday October 13, 6:30pm to 8pm

Dalkeith Arts Autumn 2017 Open Exhibition

All exhibits must be accompanied by a submission sheet detailing the work and price (exhibits must be offered for sale). There are different submission sheets for artwork (hung, e.g. paintings, photography) and crafts (displayed). These can be picked up at Riccio Gallery or Dalkeith Library desk, or can be downloaded here:
The art submission sheet (word document) or art submission sheet (PDF document) and
The crafts submission sheet (word document) or crafts submission sheet (PDF document)

You may submit up to 3 pieces of hung artwork, and up to 6 pieces of craftwork. There is a £1 submission fee for framed artwork and no fee for craftwork. All work must be for sale and Dalkeitharts will take 15% commission on any sales, to cover costs. Artists may submit unlimited numbers of unframed items for the "browsers" (not hung) without a fee. All work must be suitably labelled, titled and priced as detailed on the submission forms, and it would be appreciated if advance information on submitted work (a copy of the submission form or a descriptive summary) can be sent to the art or craft coordinators at the email address on the forms to help compile the exhibition catalogue (instead of having to do it all between submission and opening).


If you can download and print a copy of the exhibition poster and ask local outlets (shops, clubs, etc) to display it, that would be greatly appreciated.

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