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Dalkeith Arts

Events for 2016

Until someone can take over the maintenance of this website (from Robin Barclay, who stood down as Secretary & Website Editor in Spring 2016) please see our Facebook page at Dalkeith Arts for the most up-to-date current and forthcoming activities as that is being maintained by Mechelle Baxter

Open Exhibitions 2017

Next Event: Dalkeith Arts Spring 2017 Open Exhibition and Crafts Pop-Up Shop
Dalkeith Arts Centre - April 22 to May 6.

  • Hand-in night Thursday April 20

Spring Weekend Workshops 2017
Liz Walker and Newton Ross will again hold fortnightly Saturday classes/workshops in Dalkeith Arts Centre, alternating with each other.
The dates are:

  • January 14 (Liz)
  • January 28 (Newton)
  • February 11 (Liz)
  • February 25 (Newton)
  • March 11 (Liz)
  • March 18 (Newton)
  • March 25 (Liz)
  • April 1 (Newton)